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Finding myself.

"You said you don’t want to hurt me but why do I feel like dying everyday?"
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"So I will wait for you. I will wait one day, one week, 7 months, 3 years, hell even a decade. I will wait for you even if you don’t remember my name or the colour of my eyes. I will wait for you even if you claim to not love me anymore. I will try and make you fall in love again. You’re worth all the effort. I will wait for you even if it kills me because I will never ever find a love that burned as bright as ours. I will wait for you, my love. Take your time."
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This is funny.
Like really, really funny.

My BF had to explain it to me and now I feel like an idiot as he laughs his fucking ass off.


… what.

how dare

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Not sunflowers,  but still appealing.

Oral:Ready or Not?
Am I ready? Am I ready to what? Start at her head, and kiss and nibble down her neck, arms and shoulders. To work my way around her perfect breasts. First lightly flicking my tongue across her nipples and then working my way into nibbling and sucking them, turning them hard. The way she cranes her neck back and sighs, showing me she is pleasantly happy. Making my way down as I run my fingers lightly up her sides, while kissing the soft skin of her midriff and tummy. Then starting to trail down towards her legs with kisses, brushing my fingers to her hips and then down to her toes. 
Picking one of her legs and slowly lifting it up, kissing her all the way down her leg. While moving back up, I reveal my tongue and lick little bits of her as I work up to her inner thighs.
I finally make my way to her pussy and trail kisses all around it, teasing her slightly. At this point I pay close attention to every little gasp or deep breath she takes, listening for signs I should proceed. I quickly glance up to see her eyes closed, looking rather anticipatory. Continuing, I kiss her pussy gently, flicking my tongue out every once and a while to excite things. 
As I keep kissing I reveal my tongue more and more, using my fingers to slowly open her up and insert my tongue. As I insert my tongue, I hear her gasps and her shortness of breath. 
Once it feels right, I move my tongue up to the clit. I kiss and lick her clit as I draw the entire alphabet with my tongue. As I continue and get a rhythm and flow, I feel her leg muscles tighten and her hands grab my matted hair, as she pushes my face closer, indicating she is close to complete ecstasy. 
Finally, I can tell she is close. Maybe by the quiet moans that escape her mouth, by the quivering I feel within her thighs or by the pulsing within her pussy. I feel her grab the sheets and arch her back as she gets ready to let go completely. As she climaxs she lets go a moan and her body tightens than goes limp, having waves of intense sensations flow through her body. I smile as I get up, looking at her exhausted face.
So am I ready? I think so.  
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